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Nov 14, 2017

In this episode we discuss:

- Why grace and forgiveness are the best gifts we can give ourselves and others

- Not every mentor is right for every Chiropractor, how can you find one that is right for you?

- The identity shift that can happen when a Doctor transitions out of practice and how to overcome the emotional challenges

Rock Your Life Tip:

- Perfection doesn't exist. Strive to do your BEST, whatever that looks like for you at this point in your life right now.

About Dr.Liz Anderson Peacock:

Considered by others as insightful and energetic, Dr. Liz is in awe of the human spirit. A spirited chiropractor, author, speaker and world traveller she is best known in her profession of chiropractic for teaching in pediatrics and the "do's" of best practice. Dr. Liz currently runs a boutique pediatric referral-only practice, sits on regulatory boards, speaks & coaches. Recipient of numerous awards she has authored 3 books, written in numerous publications & peer reviewed journals. The last few years she's been very focused on transformational leadership in high functioning individuals & experiencing the magical.

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