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Jan 30, 2018

In this episode we discuss:

- The life changing event that triggered a substantial growth in Dr. Sharon's practice, and why

- Why it can be more beneficial in life to 'flow with the river' instead of 'push the current'

- Three guiding principles that have helped Dr. Sharon deal with stress and overcome challenges in...

Jan 23, 2018

In this episode we discuss:

- How Dr. Janice built a large practice while mothering 3 sons

- How to maximize your time by 'chunking it down'

- Why being a mom is the 'best calling' and the difficult choices Dr. Janice made while her sons were teenagers 

Rock Your Life Tips:

Get clear on your values, the kind of practice...

Jan 16, 2018

In this episode we discuss:

- The unique successes and occasional challenges of running a business with your spouse and parenting young children together

- how clarity around defining your best skills and clinical interests can help you build your ideal practice

Rock Your Life Tip:

To refocus your energy to shift from...

Jan 9, 2018

In this episode we discuss:

-  Dr. Wendland-Colby's journey to becoming an internationally sought after speaker, and the little steps you can start taking today to gain experience, credibility, and confidence to do the same

- Why she doesn’t believe in 'balance', and how she focuses her energy in the different roles...

Jan 3, 2018

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why the idea that people are 'lucky' in love, physical health, business, beauty, or wealth is a fallacy
  • How you can create your own luck to get closer to the life you want in 2018

Rock Your Life Tip:

Make conscious choices to ACT. Living the life you want, building the business of your...