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Jul 3, 2017

Dr MaryAnne Shiozawa knew she wanted to be a Chiropractor at a young age of 14, and was inspired by the chiropractic titans of the '80s like Dr Reggie Gold, Dr Jim Sigafoose, Dr Dick Santo, Dr Fred Barge, Dr Larry Webster, Dr Pasquale Cerasoli, Dr Sid Williams, and Dr Patrick Gentempo. After graduating from Life University in 1997 she practised as an exam Doctor in Minnesota prior to opening her own practice in Manhattan in 2000.

She married a British man in 2005, and soon after got pregnant with their first child. Early on into her pregnancy, she had a change of heart with her chiropractic career, and to her surprise wanted to close her practice and take time off to focus on family life. She always new she'd get back into her practice as a Chiropractor, because it's who she always knows to be. It'll always be who she is for life, along with being a mother and a wife. Now, after having three children, Dr MaryAnne lives in London with her family and has her own Network Spinal Analysis practice.

In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo, she talks about her experiences with a variety of practice styles, what continues to inspire her today, and how following her purpose but listening to her heart has led her to the lifestyle she currently leads, balancing family and practice life. Dr MaryAnne also shares why she makes self care such a priority, why being around like minded people is crucial to finding more joy, and the 3 questions she recommends people ask themselves often.

Another great conversation with a Rockstar Doctor Mom!

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