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Oct 16, 2018

Do you need to align and amplify? Dr. Laurence Tham shares why he believes these two principles can lead many Chiropractors towards success in both life and practice. We also discussed how 'frameworks' can help with communications more than 'scripts', why he believes Chiropractic needs a rebranding, and why letting go of expectations and having the courage to fail can create powerful shifts in our lives. 

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About Our Guest:  

Dr. Laurence Tham is the Founder of Drive Your Practice and co-creator and co-founder of “The Wellness Guys Show” - one of Australia’s Top Health Podcasts.

In addition to The Wellness Guys podcast, he is also one of the Co-Founder of The Wellness Couch - a podcast network of 20 top health and wellness podcasts broadcasting around the world including his very own “Inside the Champion’s Mind” which focus on helping people overcome mediocrity in the pursuit of being “World Class” in anything you do. The Wellness Couch now reach over 1.8 million downloads per year worldwide. They also organise “The Wellness Summit” which draws over 800 people each year bringing some of the biggest Wellness Speakers to this annual event.

As the founder of Drive Your Practice where he mentors and coaches Chiropractors from around the world with his unique ability to simplify concepts and accelerate practice growth. He has a unique process to help Wellness Practitioners to ALIGN their practices to themselves and AMPLIFY by building a “profile” in their marketplace to create a successful Practice and Beyond.

He is consider a Thought Leader in the Wellness Industry and hired as a consultant which includes United Chiropractic Association (UCA) in the UK and other companies worldwide. He is a professional speaker on Wellness and Mindset.

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