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Jan 2, 2017

What do you want 2017 to look like for your business and your family? What are the most important things for you to achieve and learn, and how do you want to feel? More importantly, how are you going to make some changes?

Listen to this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo to hear her top strategy for setting intention and directing all goals for the 12 months ahead. 

almost three years ago

Awesome! I remember that convo about words years ago and my word then was relate! This was pre kids, and I had cut the letters out of a magazine and taken a pic and that was my locked screen on my phone, so I saw it every time I turned my phone on! Now, I want to see my kids, so that doesn't fly. I wrote my word this year on my shower door with window markers. The word is PRESENT. Since the fall I have been focusing on developing my speaking skills, material, and opportunities, not to build my practice, but as a different way to serve. Also, I want to be more present with my kids. I feel like sometimes I am so busy trying to stay a step ahead of them that i forget to slow down and just BE PRESENT with them. I get a big breath feeling with that word right now. Thanks for sharing this Melissa! Xo